The April 2020 – Covid 19 Revised Special Edition –

Need a focus for your children or yourself. 
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Next month’s (May) newsletter will be only available online.  All emails will be forwarded to Geoff, but we will not be accepting any handwritten or typed copy.

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Welcome to this special Snailbeach District News Online!
With many of our villagers now in lock down we no longer have the ability to deliver a paper copy to everybody.

Paper copies are available at the shop but if you are already an on-line reader please introduce this version to friends and family.

Much of this month’s newsletter contains valuable advice on coping with the current emergency.

Deb continues her fascinating account of Faith’s story, and Liz Knowles explains why biodiversity is important.

Although football has been consigned to the virtual there is exciting news of Adam Davies signing for Welsh Premiership side Aberysywyth.

Philip Dunne, Heather Kidd, Simon Cooter, Sammy Snail and Ray Harper have all penned their usual contributions.

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