Advertiser rates and conditions

Advertisements are now all due for renewal
Advertisers will receive a copy of their current advert with their invoice.

Please contact Geoff to confirm, make changes or discuss issues.
01743 791999

10 monthly editions per year
(No January or August edition)
Effective from August 2019
Per annum.
Tenth page – £25
One fifths page – £35
Two fifths page – £70
Full page – £130
Please contact the editor at
Telephone: 01743 791999

We can design your advert for you at no extra cost if you wish, simply give us all the details and we’ll do the rest, or you can supply your own finished advert as a PDF or Tiff document, making sure it is the right size to fit, or you could supply us with just your business logo as a Jpeg and we can then add text and put it together for you, all at no extra cost. However you want to do it, we can help.
We will be back to full print version – adverts black and white and online version adverts full colour from April 2021
Payment methods:
1) Preferred: By direct bank transfer (quoting your order number and/or your business name) to:
Account name: Snailbeach Newsletter
Bank: Santander
Sort Code: 09-01-54
Account No: 05629702

2)Cheque/cash delivered to the treasurer at:
Robert Currie
Cranford Cottage

ADVERTISERS! – An important notice about copyright law.
1) When submitting your own art work for us to publish in the SDN for your advertisement please make sure that you have all the necessary permissions to do so and that you are complying with UK copyright law. If you didn’t create the advertisement yourself, then you MUST obtain permission from those who did in order for us to publish the advertisement.
For an overview of UK copyright law visit: