Time on your hands – get blogging

I am in Lock Down. I can’t leave our home. I can’t even go to John’s shop. What am I going to do?…well I have a big garden and a field, I have an exercise machine, I have a bass guitar I need to get back to, I have a virtual football team that I manage and I have the Snailbeach District Newsletter. We all have the Newsletter and we can use it for young and old to share some experiences, show off our talents and keep our minds ticking over.

The SDN will be offering a number of blogs throughout the lock down and we hope you may feel inspired to join in with one or more of them.

We are starting with three:-

  1. This is a bit of a scary time, but it is not the first scary time there has been on the British Isles. Some of us remember other scary times, some of us were told about scary times by parents and grand parents, some of us have read about scary times OR are going to research them on the internet because Geoff thinks it a good idea.
    you can see the stories here
    We would like you to send us a story of a scary time and what it was like or what you thought it might have been like to be there.
    email it to sammy@snailbeachdistrictnews.co.uk
  2. Do you have a bird feeder? If you do we would like those of you who know about birds to help those of us who can’t tell a rook from a robin. Send us a photo of your favourite bird(s) on your feeder and tell us what breed it is OR send us a photo of a bird you don’t recognise and some bright spark is sure to have the answer.
    You can see the bird pics here
    again email pics to sammy@snailbeachdistrictnews.co.uk
  3. We’ve sorted the English, the history and the science and now the maths. Edward de Bono is one of my mathematical heroes, he got us ‘thinking outside the box’. SDN will be bringing you some Eduard de Bono problems where you are allowed to think as far outside the box as you can. This week we welcome suggestions preferably in diagramatic form as to how you would weigh an elephant (remember you have to catch him/her first).
    Look at some crazy solutions here
    once more email solutions to sammy@snailbeachdistrictnews.co.uk